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Issuing discount coupons

Issuing coupon codes is a great proven way to incentivize sales. You can issue a coupon code as a % discount (on the invoice, eg. 10%) or an absolute value (eg. $100)_._

To create a coupon code:

Click on Subjects in the left main menu

Click on the tab - Coupons

Click the button '+Add coupon'

Adding redemption limits:

Adding an expiry date to the coupon
Input a redeem by date – to limit the date range when a customers can redeem the coupon. Post this date the status of the coupon would change from "**active**" to "**expired**"

Limit the number of times the coupon can be redeem
Add limits to the total redemptions (see 1 in screenshot) and to the maximum redemptions by each customer (see 2 in screenshot).

For example:

Michael published his class on 'selling 101' to his online booking page; he wants to incentive early bookings. He creates a coupon code "earlybird", where he limits the total redemptions to 100 – this means this coupon can be applied 100 times on the 101 time it will show as expired. He also doesn't want each student to use it more than once, so has limited the maximum redemptions per customer to 1. This means that only 100 unique students can take benefit of the coupon code.

Limiting the items
You can limits – subjects, packages and products – for which the coupon is applicable. For example if you only want the coupon code to be applied to a specific subject, say 'Tennis - beginner - 60 mins' you can search and select this specific subject. You can include more than one item by clicking the "+ Add an item" button.

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Updated on: 21/01/2021

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