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Adding a Subscription

Create recurring subscriptions that renew automatically at specified intervals.
This article is divided into 3 parts, namely:

Add a Subscription
Subscriptions in Draft
Pause or End Subscription

Add a Subscription

To add a subscription, follow these simple steps.

Navigate to the Billing menu on the left side of your screen, and click on Subscriptions.
At the top right side of your screen, click the Add Subscription button.

On the Create a Subscription screen, click on the search bar under Student/Lead and either search for the student or type in their name.
(You can also add a student by clicking on the "Quick Add Student" button and entering their first and last name, email, and phone number. Then click "save" to add the student to the list!)
To add an Invoice ID, provide a Number and the subsequent students will automatically be assigned the next available invoice number.
To add an Invoice Date, simply click on the Calendar icon and select the date you want the Invoice to be issued. Additionally, specify the Due Date by which the invoice must be paid.

Click on the Add Item option and search for the class/session you want to add. You can add more than one class/session by clicking the "Add Item" option again.

Add a Description, Quantity, and the Validity of the class by clicking on the calendar icon.
To add Discounts (percentage, amount, or coupon). Simply select the desired option from the drop-down menu.
Lastly, you can add a Note or a Memo to be displayed on the invoice.

Scrolling down, in the subscription table, select when you would like to Repeat this invoice from the drop-down options. Select daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly (which day of every third month) half-yearly (which day of every sixth month), or yearly (which day and month of the year)
In the Create Invoice section, from the drop-down options, select when you would like to issue and send the following invoices.
For example, if the invoice is created on the same day, the invoice will be issued and sent on the same day, and if it is two days before, then the invoice will be created on XX day and sent 2 days later.

Next, from the drop-down options, add the And end (end-date) of the membership, which are Never, On - (select date from the calendar), or After - (Number of invoices).
Lastly, select the Time zone in which you would like to create an invoice. Then, at the top right corner of the screen, either Save and send the invoice or choose to Save and continue.

Scheduled subscriptions

You may want to make edits to your subscriptions for the following months, like adding or removing classes. You can do so by creating subscriptions and scheduling them, until the issue date.

To create this, follow the below steps:

Follow the steps mentioned above.

In the Create Invoice section, select the number of days in advance you’d like the invoice to be created.
Create and Send - The next invoice will be created and sent X days in advance with an invoice issue date of repeat selected.
Create and keep in draft till invoice date - The next invoice will be created as a draft X day in advance and will be sent on repeat selected.

Here’s an example:

Recur a subscription at a set interval

When an invoice is generated for the following month, it will appear under the Invoices section.

Pause or End Subscription

To Pause or End a Subscription:

On the All Subscription page, find the subscription you’d like to pause from the list of subscriptions.
Click on the line item and on the next page,

To end a subscription,
Click on the End button situated on the top-right corner of the screen to end the subscription.

To pause a subscription,
Click on the Pause button and you'll be prompted to select a future date for auto-resuming the subscription.
You can select a date by clicking on the Calendar icon, or, if you're unsure about the exact date to resume, simply choose the "indefinitely" option.
Then, click on the Pause subscription button.

Pause a subscription

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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