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Transferring Sessions and Managing Validity

Transferring sessions

Transferring sessions between subjects
Transferring session between your previous software to Classcard

Transferring sessions between subjects

At times you might have a student opting for a certain subject and then changing to another one, during the course of their enrollment.
To manage this, you simply need to edit the invoice associated with that enrollment.
For example, if a student has purchased 12 football sessions, but is halfway through their enrollment decides to switch to Tennis. All you need to do is edit their invoice (under the Quantity tab) from 12 football sessions to 6 football sessions and add a new line item for 6 tennis sessions.

Transfer sessions between subjects

💡 Note, that you can also add or adjust the validity of the sessions while editing the invoice.

In case there’s a difference in the payment amount - the amount payable is more than the original invoice, the payment link for that invoice will automatically update to collect just the incremental amount. Alternatively, if the new total is less than the amount paid, it would be advisable to use invoice credit balance feature.
The same approach can be used when increasing or decreasing the number of sessions, for the same subject, committed to during the course of an enrollment.

Transferring session between your previous software to Classcard

You can easily transfer, existing session balances, onto Classcard by recording an invoice for the student.

Once you’ve added your students, you can create an invoice from the Actions button on their profile (People > Students > Selected student) or directly from the Invoicing main-menu option.
Create an invoice only for their remaining sessions, assuming they are going to be enrolled for the remaining sessions, and attendance for the same will be marked on Classcard.
Lastly, if payments for these sessions are already received and recorded (outside of Classcard), you can simply keep the value of these balance sessions transferred onto Classcard as ‘0.00’. This way you will not be prompted to collect any outstanding. However, if there is a payment pending, you can add the per-session cost to match the outstanding amount due.

Again, even in this case you can add or adjust the validity of the sessions being transferred.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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