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Creating Installment Plans

With Classcard, you can divide your invoices and the payments on your online booking page into smaller installments, which provides your customers with the choice to pay over a period of time.


Add installments for an invoice
Add installments for the online booking page

Add installments for an invoice

To create installments:
Navigate to the Billing menu on the left side of the screen.
In the All invoices page click on the row that corresponds to the invoice you want to add installments to.
On the invoice page, click on the Create an installment plan button.

⚠️ The ‘create an installment plan’ button will only be visible if there are no payments (even if failed) associated with the invoice. Please delete any payment records to see this option.

In the pop-up Add installments plan, the amount of the invoice will be pre-filled on the two installment plans by default.
Click on the Calendar icon to set the due dates accordingly.
To add another payment installment, click on the Add installment button. The payment amount will be distributed evenly, and you can specify the due date for the payment.
Then, click Save.

Then, on the invoice page, you can see the installments that are to be paid, and record payment accordingly.

💡 You can also add the installment amount manually or choose to round it off from the drop-down options.

💡 Students will receive automatic reminders from Classcard on the due dates for installment payments.

Add installments for the online booking page

At the checkout of your online booking page, give your customers the option to 'pay in installments', based on your terms.

Navigate to the Online bookings main menu and click on Settings under Setup.
Next, click on the Preferences tab, and under Payment options you can set up installments for all your offerings on your online booking page.
Check the Book now and pay in installments box and add in the Minimum cart value that a customer needs to purchase to avail of the installment option. (You can always keep it 0.00 to make it available without a minimum cart value)
Customize your Number of installments as per your choice by clicking on the - or + button.
Personalize your Interval between installments by the numbers in the drop-down and the duration in Day(s), Week(s), Month(s), and Year(s).

Click Save by scrolling at the end of your screen and you’re all set!

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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