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Add a New Invoice

Follow the steps below and generating an invoice is as easy as flipping a coin!

Navigate to the Billing menu on the left panel of the screen.
On the "All Invoices" screen, click the Add Invoice option.

On the Create Invoice page, click on the search bar under Student/Lead and type out the student’s name. (You can also add a new student by clicking on the "Quick Add Student" button and entering their first and last name, email, and phone number. Then click "save" to add the student to the list)
The Invoice ID is auto-populated in a sequential format.
To add an Invoice Date, simply click on the Calendar icon and select the date you want the Invoice to be issued. Additionally, specify the Due Date by which the invoice must be paid.

Click on the Add Item option and search for the class/package or product you wish to invoice. Add as many items as you wish to your invoice.

Add a Description (optional) that includes more details about the class. Additionally, add the Validity of the class by clicking on the calendar icon. If you’ve already configured a validity for a package, this will auto-populate. (Validity is calculated from the date of invoice creation)
Lastly, you can add a Note or a Memo that will be displayed on the invoice.

If you’d like to add any discounts, add the same by clicking on the 'add discount' button. You can always change the discounting options from the invoice format, either 'at line-item level' or 'at sub-total level.'

Discount can be in the form of a percentage, or amount. Simply select the desired option from the drop-down menu. For a percentage example, if the sub-total is 400 and you apply a 5% discount, the total will be reduced to 380.

Add a coupon, if any, by clicking on the 'add coupon' button.

Add a tax or default a tax to all invoices by toggling the ‘make default’ option under the tax configuration

Once you’re done, you can either
Send the invoice - Check the Email invoice button and click Save to send the invoice immediately.
Save the invoice - Uncheck the Email invoice button and click Save.
Schedule the invoice - Click on the Clock icon, set the Date by clicking on the Calendar icon, Time and Time zone from the drop-down menu. Lastly, click on the Schedule invoice button for the same.

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Updated on: 01/04/2024

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