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Online booking page

Every Classcard account comes with a free booking Page - a public-facing web page that lists your classes, subjects, and availability.

To personalize your online booking web address, follow the below steps:

Navigate to the Online Booking main menu option
Click the Settings option
Input your preferred Booking Page URL
Click on Save

💡 The Booking Page URL is the web address you can use to access your Booking Page. You can customize the first part of this web address to make it easier to memorize and promote.

🆕 You can now set up a custom domain/subdomain for your online booking page. This allows people to reach your online booking page by typing in something like "" or "" instead of ""

Booking option 1
Allowing customers to book time with teaching staff for the subject desired as per the teaching staff member's calendar availability.

🚨 Important: Please make sure your staff's teaching subjects and working hours are set up appropriately.

Booking option 2
Publishing scheduled classes to your online booking page.

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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