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Invoice Format

Customizing your invoices is a helpful step in enhancing the appearance and the information included in your invoices. Follow these simple steps below to get started!

Navigate to the Billing menu on the screen, and click on it.
On the screen, locate and click the Invoice format option under the heading Setup.

An Invoice is broken into five parts:

Header (bearing your business and tax information and logo)
Payment terms (setting a default due date)
Discounting (to discount on each item or on overall invoice)
Totals (for rounding off an amount)
Footer (a note or memo for your invoice)


Include your Business Name, Logo, and Address, which should consist of the Country, Street Address, City, State, and Postal Code.
Next, add your contact details such as Phone Number and Email, and also your Official Website address.
Under Tax, add the Tax Name and Tax Registration Number.
You can also add an Invoice Number Prefix. For example, Invoice no. 121 with the prefix ABC will be displayed as ABC121.
Lastly, set a period for the Payment Due Date. Eg. To automatically set your invoice due date to a week from the day of issue, select Within 7 days.
Click Save to save all your changes.

Payment terms:

Set a Default due date from the drop-down menu, it could be same as issue date, within 7, 14, 30, 45, 60 or 90 days. When creating an invoice, the due date by default will always be the one you select here.


Set a default dicounting option when invoicing. You can either,
At line-item level - This involves applying discounts to individual items or products in the invoice.
At sub-total level - This involves applying discounts to the total value of an invoice after all individual line items have been added.
Click Save to save your changes.


You can choose to round the invoice amount to the closest 1, 10, or 100 decimal units.

Under Rounding, select the option for rounding an amount from the drop-down menu. For example, if the option closest to one is selected, the invoice total of AED 1078.99 will round off to AED 1079.00.
Click Save to save your changes.

You can add a Default Note or a Memo which will be displayed on the Invoice. Pro tip: Use this space to add payment details for your customers (other than online payments) like Bank account details or upload payment QR codes.
You can also Print the footer notes on payment receipts by clicking on the option, then click Save.

💡 You can select your rounding-off preference for totals and Classcard will keep track of the values rounded in all your reports.

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Updated on: 01/04/2024

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