Classcard allows you to keep track of all the students enrolled in your institution. Add the details for a new student in a few easy steps. Detailed below are three different methods for adding student records.

Method 1: Adding manually

Click on the Students option on the left main menu.
Click the Add Student button.

Method 2: Share a private link

Select the Students option in the left main menu.
Click on the down arrow icon button, to the right of the Add Student button.
Click the copy button to copy the form link.

- You can paste the link in your browser to see a preview of the form.
- You can customise the input fields, add new ones, and even add a note to the form.

Method 3: Bulk import students, via a .CSV file
In case you are using a spreadsheet to track your students, you can now easily import them to Classcard using the Import Students option

Watch this video to understand better:

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