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Setting up your organisation

Once you've signed up, Setup is the best place to start from.

Here, you can personalise how Classcard will work for you. A good place to start from is:

General Information 2 minutes
Fill in all the basic details about your organization to keep your customers informed about

- Basic Information: Put in your institution's name, logo, address (we use this to personalise alerts sent out to your students and team). Choose your industry vertical alongside the preferred settings for your currency and time zone.
- Locations: Use this tab to insert the details about the areas where you are conducting offline classes.
- Online Booking: Create policies for online booking in a customized webpage with all the essential details about your organization like the subjects, booking time, sign up process, etc. Send a link to your customers.

Team 1 minute
Collaborate seamlessly with your team

- Staff members: Easily add, both, your teaching and non-teaching team members. Define their roles. (They receive an email invite to join your team. You'll be notified once they jump in).
- Access controls: Check which sections are accessible to different members of your team.
- Payroll: Keep track of all your staff member's classes, student enrolment, pay rate, and total payout. Payroll keeps you on top of things when it comes to your team's performance and remuneration.

Students (optional)

- Batches: Easily group students, with batches and service them in groups (like form groups, divisions, levels, grades, etc.). Batches are super helpful when you are managing a lot of students.
- Grade scales: Get creative with your student assessment framework. Setup customized grade scales (numeric - out of 10 or non-numeric - grades and rubrics) for different kinds of assessments along with the lowest acceptance grade for each.

Notifications (optional)

- Alerts: Pick your preferences for when Classcard should be sending out alerts to your students and team. We have by default selected the most preferred checks, but you can always modify it to your liking.

Invoicing 1 minute

- Taxes: Define taxes that may need to be added to your invoice. Plus, you can define which taxes always need to be added by default.
- Coupons: Create discount offers and specify the terms. Monitor each coupon's usage to see what's working best for you.
- Invoice format: Customise the content that would be printed on each of your invoices.

Integrations 1 minute

Browse through all the apps you can sync with Classcard to make your workflow flawless.

And just like that, in 5 minutes, we are ready to roll 🎢

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Updated on: 08/02/2021

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