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Adding a Staff Member

Add a staff member (teaching or non-teaching) by following these steps:

Navigate to the People section on the left side of the screen, and click on Staff. On the right side of the screen, click on Add Staff.

Add Personal Information of the Staff like their First and Last name.
Add personal or work Email Address.
From the dropdown menu, choose the country code and then type in the phone number.
Choose a Role from the drop-down menu.

Admin - who oversees administration tasks and the smooth running of an institution.
Teacher - an educator that will carry out classes/sessions.
Teaching Assistant - who helps the teacher in carrying out classes/sessions smoothly.
Sales - who manages the institution’s sales and services.
Front Office - who helps and manages customers.
Owner - the owner of the account, handles the institution.

Lastly, by toggling the Take Classes option, you can control whether staff can make or receive bookings on the calendar. Then, click Save.

Upon adding a new member, an email invitation to join the Classcard team will be automatically sent to them. (To change this, head to Settings > Alerts > Invite to login) You will receive a notification when they join.

You can click on other options below to enter more details about the Staff member, such as,
(Note, that adding these details is totally optional)

Biography - This is where the staff member's website URL, qualifications, social media handles, and additional information can be included.
Address - The location where the staff member resides, including the country, state, city, etc.
Employment - The dates of their employment, including the start and (if applicable) end date.
Working hours - Pick the time zone for the staff member from the drop-down menu and enable the days they'll be available by toggling them on.
Subject and pay rate - Select the subject and the payout to the staff member.
Miscellaneous - Lastly, you can upload files such as the staff member’s Contract, Visa, National ID, and Passport.

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Updated on: 20/02/2024

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