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Adding a Subject

📹 Watch a video for adding a subject (2 min)

Adding a subject(s) can be done by following these easy steps:

👉 To note: Before adding a subject, create a category to nest your subjects in.

a. Navigate to the Subjects menu on the screen.
b. On the top right of the screen, click on Add New button. Then, click on New subject.

Add the Name of your subject.
You can then fill out the Description of the subject for more details (Optional). This information will be shown on your online booking page.
You can upload an Image that represents your class/session. This can help differentiate it from other classes/sessions.
Select a Category to nest your subject in. Create a category in case you haven't created one.
Select the Duration of the class in ‘minutes’. To add additional duration(s), click on the Add Duration option.
Set the desired Price you would like to charge for each subject duration.

👉 You can even create more than a single session of a subject by creating a package.

💡 The ‘price’ automatically defaults to the fee for ‘one session’ of the selected duration.

You can offer trial classes by toggling the Offers Trials option and entering the desired Trial price. (You can also offer free trials by entering 0.00)
Lastly, you can toggle the Permit one-on-one bookings online? button. (This will be displayed on your online booking page.)
You can add a default online location for the subject by toggling on the button for the same. Choose the platform from the drop-down menu and add a link to the text field.
In the Booking options, toggle the Trial button if you want to permit trials for the subject, Drop-in for single sessions or Packages by checking in the particular packages for the same.
Click on the Save button.

For example - A subject name could be something like Dance - Salsa, Graphic Designing - Sketch, IGCSE - Math.

⚠️ Note that all subject names are displayed as a combination of "category name + subject name".

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Updated on: 29/03/2024

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