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Managing a Location

Add the location of your business with these simple steps. If you have multiple locations for your offline classes, you can manage them by editing each location individually. Follow the below steps:

Add a location
Edit a location
Delete a location

Add a location

Navigate to the Locations section in the Settings menu. On the right-hand side of the screen, click Add Location.
A pop-up will appear asking for Permission to access your Location. Click "Allow," to automatically detect your Current Location and display it on the map. If you choose not to allow the app to access your location, you can manually enter it.
Enter the location Name in the Location box.
Search for the location on the map.
Set a default seat capacity for specific locations. Designate the number of seats accessible for students whenever you're scheduling an event or class.
You can then add a Description for more details (optional).
Finally, toggle the Calendar View button to see the location on your Calendar and Add a New Class accordingly and click save.

Edit a location

After successfully creating a Location for your business, you can Edit any part of the existing location, navigate to the Row of the location in the Name Column and click on it.
Voila! You can edit the location according to your preference.

Delete a location

Navigate to the Three Dots in the row of the location you want to delete and click on them.
Click the Delete option. Upon clicking it, a Confirmation Prompt will appear.
You can either Cancel or Confirm the deletion of the location process.
Clicking on "confirm" will permanently delete the location.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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