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Publishing Classes Online

You can publish your classes, stand-alone or repeating, to sell seats for them online.

While adding a new class, toggle the Publish button.
Upload an Image for the class and after adding all the other details, click on Create event button.
The class would then be displayed on your online booking page under the heading Classes.

Publish class online while adding a new class

Published class on online booking page

To customize how class bookings should work for you. Navigate to the Online Bookings > Settings > Preferences tab. You will see the below options:

Payment options
Default display
Session redemptions
Class cancellation

Payment options

You will notice two options:

Book now and pay later
This will allow customers to book their seats online without completing the payment.
Book now and pay now (recommended)
This will only complete the booking if the customer has completed the payment successfully online.

Payment options

⚠️ Please make sure you have integrated a payment gateway to enable this option.

Default display

The classes on your online booking page can be displayed in two ways:

Grid view - The classes are displayed as tiles as and when you publish them, regardless of date and seat availability.
Scheduled view - The classes are displayed with the Date that is the latest classes and the availability of seats per class.

Default display options

Session redemptions

Students get the option to redeem their unused valid sessions for the same subject. Check online session redemption to know more.

Session redemption

Class cancellation

Permit students to cancel their enrollment for a session before a set cut-off time. Check out online booking cancellation article to know more.

Class cancellation

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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