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How to Manage Waitlisting

Simplify the enrollment process with the use of waitlists for your classes and accommodate students who are eager to enroll when spots are open.


Enable waitlisting for classes
While creating a class
While editing a class

Enroll waitlisted students in a class

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Enable waitlisting for classes

While creating a class

After you've filled in the basic information for your class, go to the next page to publish it online. Here, scroll down to the waitlist section and switch it on.

While editing a class

Navigate to the class on the calendar you want to edit and click on it.
Click on the Actions button and then on Edit published class. Scroll down to the waitlist section and toggle it on.

The waitlist criteria;

Next, you’ll see two sections,
Waitlist capacity - simply means to set a number of students who can wait for a spot. Choose a specific number or leave it empty for an unlimited waitlist.
Waitlist cut off - is a deadline for joining a waiting list. It shows how many minutes before an event starts that students can add their name to the waiting list.

For instance, if you set it to 30 minutes and your class begins at 2 p.m., no one can join the waiting list after 1:30 p.m. It's a way to manage who can join the waiting list and when before an event starts.

Click on the Save button to save the waitlist changes.

Enroll waitlisted students in a class

Once a slot in a class opens, follow the below steps to move a waitlisted student into the register:

Navigate to the calendar and locate the class with waitlisted students. Click on the class, under the Register section, select the Waitlist tab. The list form will display the number of students on the waitlist.
Next to the student's name, select the ‘Move to class’ drop-down. You can choose to 'Enroll for this class,' or 'on specific days the class is scheduled,' or 'Enroll for this and all future classes.'
An enrollment confirmation email will be sent to the student automatically after successful class enrollment. (Settings > Alerts > Calendar > Waitlist confirmation)

💡 Want your students to book an open class? Save time by using the 'notify waitlist' button to automatically send a pre-written email to waitlisted students, prompting them to book their spots ASAP.

📌 Even if a class is not currently listed on your online booking page, the waitlist option remains accessible for all classes. This way, if there are students expressing interest, you can keep them on standby in case of cancellations by other students.


What's the process for charging students/leads once they've been moved into a class?
Ans: Once a student/lead is off the waitlist, you can initiate the invoicing process by generating an invoice for the relevant class or classes.

If my classes operate on a term-based schedule, how can I manage a waitlist for the entire term when all seats are already booked?
Ans: If the term classes are fully booked, you can still offer the waitlist option. Students can select their preferred package and waitlist themselves for the entire term or a single class. When slots become available, reach out to them and enroll them in the term.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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