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Setting up a Custom Domain/Subdomain for your Online Booking URL

Classcard allows you to setup a custom domain or subdomain for your Online Booking URL. This allows people to reach your online booking page by typing in something like or

Finding your Domain's records

Visit your Domain Registrar, the platform where you initially bought your domain name. Google Domains, NameCheap, and GoDaddy are a few common ones.
Look for an option for your domain called something like DNS Management.
Here, you will see a table of records. The columns, in the table, should be named similarly to Name, Type, TTL, and Data/Value. This is where you will add a row to point your custom domain to the Classcard servers.
Create a new row in your domain registrar that has a Type A. Get the details of your record by navigating to the Online bookings menu, and then Settings under Setup from your Classcard dashboard.
Once you enter your preferred domain/subdomain in the text field, the Type, Name, and Value will be displayed that you need to input into the A Record.
Name/Host would either be @ or your chosen subdomain name like bookings or classes.
Copy the IP number which would usually be
TTL can be ignored.
Click on the save button.

Add a custom domain

👉 Your domain may require a short amount of time to complete the setup and be pointed to Classcard.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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