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Marking Class Attendance

Marking attendance from the Classcard Mobile App

🤩You can now mark attendance from our brand new mobile app (Download links: iPhone | Android)

We've reimagined attendance marking to not only make it quicker but also engaging. Here's how:

Pro-tip 1
Mark present for all students, with just one click, and only search for the absent ones to change their attendance.

Pro-tip 2 & 3
Add notes (read: text and pictures) for the entire class or for students individually.

Plus, use the mic icon to speak your notes. And let artificial intelligence convert your speech to text.

Remember that student taking pictures of the notes you made? That just became a thing of the past 👵🏼

Marking attendance from the web

To mark attendance, follow the below steps:

Click on the Dashboard on the left main menu.
Go to the Attendance table and click on the row bearing the class' name for which we are required to mark attendance.


Click on the Calendar option in the left main menu.
Click on the class for which we are required to mark attendance.
Click the Take Attendance button.

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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