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Promoting Students

Starting out with a brand new term or year? You may need to roll over (promote) students. 

First, it would be a good idea to group your students using batches. Then, you can just use the Duplicate Batch option to promote all the students.

To reach the option:

Click on the Setup option on the left menu
Go to the Students section and find the Batches option
Click on the row bearing the batch you'd like to edit

Once duplicated, the exact same batch is created with the words "Copy of" prefixed to the Batch Name.

You can edit the batch name to represent the rolled over student group. For example (in the picture above) we could duplicate the batch and rename the batch Batch 1 - Intermediate.

To edit the students in the rolled over batch, i.e. enroll or remove students, just click on the Students tab and you will find the remove option.

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Updated on: 21/01/2021

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