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Adding a Batch

Classcard will help you group students into batches. In most cases, you'll want to:

Different levels of classes, such as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced batches.
Yearly cohorts, including Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, etc.
Cohorts based on age or experience, such as Junior, Senior, and Advanced groups.

To add a batch, follow these simple steps:

Navigate to the People menu on the left side of the screen, and select Batches under the heading Setup. Click on Add batch button on the top right of your screen.

Add the Name of your batch, for which you would like the group of students to be known.
The Start and End Date of class commencement (optional).
Lastly, add students by clicking on the Add student button, and click Save.

💡Once a batch has ended, it will not appear in the list of ongoing batches. However, you can view the batch by extending it and removing the end date.

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Updated on: 01/03/2024

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