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Adding a Class

Classes can be easily scheduled, made to repeat, and modified - even with a simple drag and drop.

Classcard allows you to assess all your staff member's classes on the calendar and quickly schedule a new one. Add this to your online booking page and you are all set!

To create a class, follow the below steps:

Click on the Calendar option in the left main menu
Select the appropriate staff member's calendar for whom you'd like to schedule the class (only relevant when you have more than one staff member).
Click on the time slot where you'd like to create the new class.
Choose the subject, optionally set the location, repeats, and seat limit.
Add students to the class, using the right side search option. Do notice that you can quickly add a student in case they are not already a part of your student list.

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💡 Pro tip: If you're enrolling the same students for several different classes, consider creating batches.

🗺️ Publishing classes to your online booking page

While creating a class, simply click the publish button and choose an image you would like to use to promote this class online. You can at any time confirm that the class is published to your online booking page by visiting your online booking page.

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Updated on: 02/02/2021

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