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Create a Repeating Class

Save time and effort by using the repeats option instead of creating a new class every time for varying time schedules or staff. This allows you to customize recurrence for particular classes, giving you the flexibility to manage your schedule.

Repeat a class

When creating a new class, toggle the Repeats button if you want a particular class to be repeated again.

For example, Audrey is a staff member who has a class from 9 am to 10 am every day. Additionally, she has a distinct class scheduled from 11 am to 12 pm on a particular day every week. Create a distinctive repeat for both cases.

💡 The first repeat will be named ‘repetition 1’, ‘repetition 2’ for the second repeat, and so on.

Select a primary Staff member for the repetition from the drop-down menu or include more staff members by clicking the Additional Staff button.
Specify the class Date by clicking on the calendar icon. Then, select the Time for your class from the drop-down menu.
Choose a Time Zone that works best.

Select the Location from the drop-down menu:

a. Offline (For in-person classes)
b. Lessonspace (A link will be generated for both students and staff)
c. Zoom (For an online class with a Zoom link)
d. Meeting Link (Where you can paste a link for an online meeting).

📣 To set up an ‘offline’ class, you need to select a location from the pre-existing ones. If you haven't added an offline location while setting up your profile, follow the steps for managing a location.

Select if you would like Unlimited or Limited seats for your class. For Limited, specify the number of seats available.
Decide the recurrence pattern for the class from the Repeats drop-down menu. You can choose,

Daily - The class will repeat every single day.
Weekly - Select the days when the class will repeat On a weekly basis. For example, if you select Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the class will repeat on the same days every week.
Monthly - You can either choose,

a. Monthly every (date) - The class will repeat every month, always on the same date.
For example, Audrey chooses a class to be scheduled on the 10th of a particular month, then the class will reoccur on the 10th of every month from then on.

b. Monthly every (day) - The class will fall on the selected day for the class every month.
For example, if Audrey schedules a class on the 13th of July which falls on the second Thursday of the month. So, the option would be to recur the class monthly every second Thursday from then on.
Yearly - The class will repeat every year on the same date and time.

Choose Till (duration) when the class will continue,
Until - Select the same and click the Calendar icon to choose a date.
After - Select the same and add a number of Repeats.
(For example, if Audrey adds 8 repeats, the class will run for the 8 consecutive repeats depending on the recurrence.)

A list of Holidays will be displayed if any of the repeating class is falling on the same. You can check the box of the respective class and create a class despite the holiday.

💡 This will work only if you have set up holidays.

Set a Reminder for your class at a preferred time from the drop-down options. If you need an additional reminder, click on the Add reminder button.
Click on the Save button.

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Updated on: 05/07/2024

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