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Make up Classes

It's usually not uncommon for students/batches to miss a scheduled session. Luckily, we help you enroll for a make up class in the following way.

Making up a session with an existing class

Click on the Calendar option in the left main menu
Click on the class to which the batch or student needs to be enrolled
Click the Edit button
Click on the Students tab
Click on the down arrow to the right of the Enroll button and select the option to Enroll for 1 Class

☝️**Enroll for 1 Class**, effectively only enrolls the student/batch for just that one instance of the class and not for the following repeats of the class.

Making up a session with a new class
Should you creating a new class (non-repeating) as a make up session, you can simply use the Enroll button.

😎Classcard automatically adjusts the sessions available, wherein we have made a session-based invoice. On marking the student present for the make up class, it would automatically reduce the available sessions by 1, for that student in the subject.

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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