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Track and Adjust Inventory

Track Inventory:

To track the of a product inventory, toggle the Track Inventory option under a product variation. Add the Current Stock Quantity.
Add the Low Stock Level, to set a notification when you're close to running out.
You can also add a Supplier by, selecting the Add/Manage Supplier option and update or remove the supplier.
You can include the Supply Price of your products, along with their SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and barcode and click Save.

Adjusting Inventory:

To adjust a product inventory, go to the All Products screen and click on the Adjust option in the corresponding row of the Product.
You'll see two options, Add Stock, and Remove Stock.

Add Stock

In the "Add Stock" function, you can input the Additional Quantity of stock acquired, along with their Supply Price, the Reason for acquiring new stock from the drop-down menu options, and an Internal Note and click Save.

Remove Stock

In the "Remove Stock" function, you can choose the Quantity you wish to remove, provide a Reason for the removal, and add an Internal Note. Finally, click Save.

Track your stock history easily here for every change. You can also view it graphically.

P.S. Your stock movement will automatically be recorded when you invoice a customer for any product.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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