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Offering Trial Classes

Offer trial classes to your leads or students on your online booking page to increase conversion rates.

While adding or editing a subject, under the Durations heading,

Toggle the Offer trials button.
Add in the Trial price. Optionally for a free trial, type 0.00 as the price.
Click on the Save button.

💡 You must publish a particular class online for leads to book trials.

Manage trial classes without publishing online

If you prefer not to publish trial classes online on your booking page, you can add a student or lead as a trial class in the "Trial" tab of the event when creating or editing a class.

Manage Trials

Head to the Online bookings menu and click settings under the heading ‘setup.’

Click on the Trials tab and on the same page.
In the Max trials field, type in the maximum number of trial classes a single person can book.

👉 Set the number of trials to 0 if you don’t wish to offer trials.

In the Limit trials to section, toggle
Each subject - Students or leads can book a maximum of (number) trials for each subject.

For example - If the offer trials button is toggled on for particular subjects, then the maximum number of trials applies to each of the subjects only.

Each category - Students or leads can book a maximum of (number) trials for each subject category.

For example - If there are a total of 5 subjects in the gymnastics category and you've selected a maximum of 3 trials, the student or the lead can book up to 3 trial classes within that category only.

Nothing (across all offerings) - Students or leads can book a maximum of (number) trials across all offerings.
Click on the Save button.

Trial classes on the online booking page

The leads who purchase a trial class will be prompted to fill out the lead form, and their details will be available on the respective lead profiles. You will also be able to see their name in the class register under Trials.

Trial booking on the online booking page

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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