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Customizing Lead Stages

Managing lead stages:

To manage the lead process, follow the simple steps below:

Navigate to the People menu, and click on Leads.
On the All Leads page, click on the Lead name you want to update the lead process.
Under the header Stage in the Lead's profile, in the drop-down options, there are four default stages that a lead may progress through.

Enquired - At this point, the Lead is simply inquiring about the sessions, pricing, and so on.
Appointment - The Lead might have booked some trial sessions/classes and will be attending the same.
Won - In this stage, the Lead has successfully been converted into a student and can be marked as "won”. This could be the result of purchasing a class or package or getting enrolled in a class or batch.
Lost - This could be the result of the Lead leaving without enrolling in a class.

When the lead is marked as won, the lead profile is automatically enhanced to a student profile and will be added to the student list page. You can see the lead as a student on the page.

Manage lead stages

💡Additionally, manage custom 'stage' fields for your lead progress pipeline for more personalization. Click on the 'manage' button in a lead's profile, then add, organize, distinguish each stage with a color or delete a stage as per your preference.

Manage lead stages

💡 On moving a lead to the ‘lost’ stage, you will be prompted to provide a reason for losing the lead. This can be analyzed as a report.

🆕On the All leads page, toggle the Kanban button situated on top right of your screen to be able to visually manage leads. Simply drag-and-drop leads to organize them into customizable stages, allowing you to track their progress effortlessly.

Kanban view for leads

Lead interest

You could also engage with Leads based on the Lead interest.
For example, under the header Interest in the drop-down options, you can choose,
Hot (Very interested)
Warm (Interested)
Cool (Somewhat interested)
Cold (Not interested)

Lead interest

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Updated on: 02/11/2023

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