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How to Manage Registration Fees

A registration fee is a payment you can optionally add as a part of your services for your customers to purchase classes or packages.

Manage registration fee with these simple steps,

Create registration fees
Add the registration fee to the relevant packages
How to apply registration fees for students

Quick reference


Create registration fees

Navigate to the Subjects menu and select Registration fees. Click on the Add fee button situated on the top right corner. In the pop-up,

Add the Name of your registration fee.
Enter the Price you would charge for the registration fees.
Type in a Description that would further describe the type of fee you’re charging. (Optional)

In the Validity section, we have three options:

Till date - Select a date by clicking on the Calendar icon. The registration fee is applicable only till a specified date.

For example, Audrey sets a registration fee named ‘Term 1 - Registration Fee’ that’s valid until December 31, 2023. When a student buys a package with this fee, it’s linked to their account until that date. If they buy another package with the same fee during this time, they won’t be charged for it again.

Till date range - From the drop-down menus, select a number and choose how many Days, Weeks, Months, or Years the registration fee will be applicable. The registration fee will auto-renew after this time period.

For example, Audrey adds a registration fee called ‘Annual Registration Fee’ to a package. The registration fee associated with that package will now be valid for the next 1 year from the date of the purchase. If a student purchases a package on September 1st, 2023 then, the registration fee is valid for the same till August 31st, 2024.

Indefinitely - This option enables students to make a single payment for registration fees, with no further payments needed in the future. (e.g. One-time sign up fee)

Add the registration fee to the relevant packages

Adding registration fees to a package can provide additional revenue, helping you cover administrative costs and improve your overall services.

While adding, or editing a package, scroll down to the ‘registration fee’ section.
From the drop-down menu, select a Registration fee that you would like to apply to the package.
The Validity and Price with package will be auto-populated with the values associated with the respective registration fee.
If you wish to add another registration fee, click on the Add fee button.

Lastly, click on the Save button.

💡 You can view the registration fee(s) of students in the ‘overview’ of their respective student profiles.

How to apply registration fees for students

Manually invoicing reg fees

To invoice student(s) for the registration fees, follow these simple steps.

While creating or editing an invoice, click on the Add item button.
Invoice registration fees separately or invoice them as part of a package, as per your preference.
Invoice the registration fee separately,
Choose the registration fee you would like to invoice from the drop-down menu in the section ‘registration fee.’
A line item will appear with auto-filled values.
Invoice the registration fee as part of the package,
Add the package(s) from the drop-down menu.
If the student hasn’t paid the registration fees associated with the package, an additional line item will appear for it in addition to the package line item.
The values will be auto-populated with the respective registration fee.
The total amount will be the sum of the package along with the registration fees.

⚠️ Note: If a student has already paid the registration fees, then the registration fee won’t be visible while invoicing and hence only be charged for the package(s).

How to purchase registration fees on the online booking page

While buying a class or package,

Students can select package they would like to purchase.
Under the Payment options, If the registration fee is not paid, this will be visible on the package with the total price displayed (Package price + Registration fee)
Click on the Select and Continue option.
In the Make selection section, select a Start date or Days by clicking on the Calendar option.
Choose Who’s attending, or Add new student from the drop-down menu by signing up.
Either add the package to Add to cart to purchase later or Checkout now.
By clicking on Checkout now, the package price as well as the registration fee details will be visible in My cart.
Students can use a Discount code if available.
Lastly, proceed with the payment.


At what point will the student profile reflect the registration fees?
The student profile will reflect the payment of the registration fee once it has been paid.

I’ve already invoiced a student for a registration fee, but I still see it when I add a package?
Registration fees are tagged to a student’s profile only once the full payment is recorded. They will continue to be added as a separate line item until payment is made.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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