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Assigning Roles to Staff Profiles

As your team grows, you would want to define roles for your team members.

Classcard has gone ahead and created these roles for you (after talking with our customers). They are as follows:

Centre managers responsible for the administration of the organisation
Front office
Receptionist tasked with daily operations
The boss
A salesperson is tasked with managing leads and growing sales
Staff members who conducts classes
Teaching Assistant
A teaching assistant is an additional staff member to aid in conducting classes

To assign a role, you can do so while adding a staff member:

Click on the Staff option in the left main menu
Click on the Add Staff button
Choose their assigned role

Editing or changing staff roles can be done easily, following the below steps:

Click on the Staff option on the left main menu.
Click on the row bearing the staff's name.
Click on the Edit button next to Personal Information
Under the Phone number section, you will see the option to change Role

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Updated on: 21/02/2023

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