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Razorpay Integration

Razorpay - is an online payments solution company in India that allows your business to accept, process, and disburse payments.

To integrate your Razorpay payment gateway with Classcard:

Login to your Razorpay account and navigate to the Settings > API Keys main menu option. And click on Generate API Key.

On generating an API Key, you will see the below screen.

Copy the Key ID (labeled as 1.) and Key Secret (labeled as 2.)

⚠️ It is advisable to download the key details as the key secret is not visible once you click on the OK button.

In your Classcard account, navigate to Setup > Integrations > Razorpay. Paste, the Key ID in the Key ID input, and the Key Secret in the Key Secret input.

Lastly, click Save on your Classcard account to integrate the payment gateway.

⚠️ Updated requirement: Razorpay now requires you to whitelist the following URLs in order to start using the payment gateway: 1. 2. 3. Do visit for more support on this.

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Updated on: 08/04/2024

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