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PayTabs Integration

PayTabs is a simple payment gateway that can be quickly integrated.

To integrate your account with Classcard follow the below steps:

Navigate to Developers > API Keys > Key management and click on Add New Key.
The Key Title can be Classcard. Select Type as Standard API Key and click Add.
Once added, copy the Server Key.

Navigate to the profile section of your account and copy the Profile Id, Merchant Email and Website.

In your Classcard account, navigate to Setup > Integrations > PayTabs. Paste, the Server Key in the Server Key input, and the Profile Id in the Profile Id input, Merchant Email and Website URL in the respective inputs.

Lastly, click Save on your Classcard account to integrate the payment gateway.

🚨 Important: If your country selection on Paytab is not the United Arab Emirates, follow the additional step below.

Navigate to Developers >** Integration Guide** > Transaction API and copy the API endpoint link.
Share this link with your Account Manager at Classcard. Alternately, you can send it to

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Updated on: 01/11/2023

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