Zoom is a cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings app - widely used for teaching online.

Integrate Zoom with Classcard:

Step 1: Connecting to Zoom

Head over to the Setup main menu option, in your Classcard account, and click on Zoom (Setup > Integrations > Zoom).

Click the Connect to Zoom button. You will be re-directed to login to your Zoom account (do note that this step is skipped - in case you are already logged in).

Authorize the integration by clicking the button - Authorize.

On successfully authorization, you will be re-directed by to the Zoom integration page.

Step 2: Zoom Settings

Tick the box to enable the desired Zoom setting.

Enable Join Before Host
Allowing your students to join the meeting before you. If you have waiting rooms enabled, that will override the Join Before Host setting, and your students will be sent to a waiting room, rather than being allowed to join before you.
Mute participants upon entry
Will default your student's audio to mute upon entering the meeting.
Enable waiting room, more info here
Only authenticated users can join. Sign in to Zoom.
Students would be required to sign into Zoom to attended the meeting.
Use Personal Meeting ID to create meetings, more info here

Step 3: Calendar Sync

Only the Classcard owner or admin access can connect their Zoom account under Setup > Integrations > Zoom. If the Zoom account has multiple users, the Classcard owner can choose which Classcard calendars create meetings for which Zoom user.

⚠️ In order to connect multiple Zoom users in Classcard, you will need to create those users within Zoom itself.

If you need further support with installation, please contact support@classcardapp.com.

To generate your Zoom meeting link, while adding a class - click the 📹 icon under the location input and select - Zoom.

The meeting room link will be sent to the student and staff along with the reminder for the event. All they need to do is click on Launch Class (from Calendar) or Join Class (from the email) to enter the online class room.

Disconnecting your Zoom account from Classcard:
To deauthorize your Zoom integration with Classcard, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Head over to the Setup main menu option, in your Classcard account, and click on Zoom (Setup > Integrations > Zoom).

Step 2: Click the Uninstall button.

Troubleshooting & FAQs:
You can also find answers to common Zoom meeting questions in the Zoom Help Center.

Contact Support:
Support is available through both Chat and Email - 24x7. First response will be provided within 2 hours via chat and within 24 hrs via Email.

Support Chat - Click on the floating chat round icon at bottom right part of screen

Support Email - Contact us at support@classcardapp.com.
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