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How Students Can Waitlist Themselves for a Class

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If a class has been completely booked, students can waitlist themselves for a session(s) or the whole term/package by following these simple steps;

📢 Waitlisting is only available for waitlist-enabled classes.

After selecting a class, on the Make selection page, choose the date you’re interested in.

💡 The green color dots indicate available classes, whereas the orange color ones indicate the classes that are booked but can be waitlisted.

You can then either Add to cart or select the Checkout now option for your waitlisted classes.
The waitlisted date(s) will have a zero total amount payable, and the class will be highlighted in yellow on the checkout page.
You can click on the Complete order button and you’re good to go!

If you've chosen available slots for the same session(s), you can opt for either Pay later or Pay now to finalize your booking.

📌 To see the classes you’ve been waitlisted, navigate to Bookings and select the Waitlist tab, the classes will be listed down with the details of the specific classes.

👉 After a student is successfully enrolled in a class and is removed from the waitlist, an email confirming their enrollment, along with class details, will be sent.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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