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How to Navigate Through the Online Bookings Page

Once you’ve signed up and signed in, you’ll see a column with multiple icons at the bottom - Home, Calendar, Bookings, Chat, Profile.


Classes - Classes refer to individual sessions or lessons. It could be a single dance class, a tutoring session, or any other form of instruction.
One-on-one - These are individualized sessions where a single student receives personalized instruction from an instructor or teacher.
Packages - These are bundles of classes or sessions that students can purchase together. Packages can include a variety of options, such as a set number of classes in a specific subject or a combination of different subjects.
Courses - Courses typically refer to educational materials or content that are bundled together. These materials can include files, documents, videos, or other resources related to a particular subject or topic.


Under ‘Calendar’, you’ll be able to see a calendar view of all your classes. Days when you have a class schedule will have a small dot next to it. You can click on this date and check what classes you have scheduled for that day.


Under ‘Bookings’, you’ll be able to view the classes and packages that you’ve booked so far, along with trials and the registration fees you’ve paid. You will also be able to see how many classes within a package you have scheduled, along with how many classes are left.

You can also download the invoice for the packages from here.


Under ‘Chat’, you’ll be able to access all the chats that a teacher has initiated with you. You’ll also be able to reply to these messages. Do note that you won’t be able to initiate a chat with a teacher.


Under ‘Profile’, you’ll find multiple sections namely,

Attendance - You’ll be able to see a detailed summary of your attendance as well as any comments that your teacher has left for you.
Invoices - You’ll be able to view a summary of all your invoices along with the status of every invoice and the option to view them.
Files - You can view the files that have been shared with you or you can choose to share a file with your teacher as well.
Courses - You can view all the courses (bundle of files) that have been shared with you.
Grades - You’ll be able to see your assignment grades, as long as they have been shared with you.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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