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How Students Can Redeem Classes

Platform - PWA (Website as an app on your phone)

Redeeming of classes can be done in 3 scenarios,

When a student cancels a class voluntarily.
When a student has been removed from a class by the admin.
When a student has bought a package and wants to redeem it one by one.

To redeem a class after the credits of a canceled booking, follow these simple steps:

💡 Redeeming a session can be done only from the same package it was canceled from.

For instance, you initially reserved a package that included three Karate sessions designed for individuals aged 10 to 15, scheduled for January 24th, 25th, and 26th. However, you've decided to cancel the session that was supposed to take place on January 26th, then:

Navigate to the Bookings icon and click on it.
Scroll down for the package that includes the session you canceled and you'll find options to Redeem for one-on-one (if available for the same session) and Redeem for classes and click on any of the options.

💡 The options for redeeming sessions would only be available if the invoice for the bought package has been paid.

On the next page, choose the session with the preferred date and click on the More info button.
On the next page, under the Booking options, click on the Select & Continue button to go ahead with the session redemption.
Select the Date, Day as per the session requirement and then you can select the Add to cart to Checkout now button. And you’re done!

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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