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Enhanced One-on-One Multiple Bookings

Make scheduling easy for your customers with the ability to book multiple sessions under a package and even set them to recur on certain days. Follow these simple steps below:

Select a session on the One-on-one tab of the online booking page, and then,

In Step 1 (Make selection), select the staff you want to go ahead with, or click on ‘No preference’ and let the system automatically assign the suitable staff member for you.
In Step 2 (Booking options), select if you want to go ahead with Trials, Single (Drop-in), or Packages, depending on the available booking options for the session(s).
If you’re selecting a package, select a date from the calendar with a blue dot to see the available time slots.
You can change the time zone from the drop-down options below the calendar.
Additionally, toggle the am/pm button to see the specific classes to your time preference.
Select a time, and you’ll get the option to either Select more time slots or Select & make recurring from the Select button drop-down.
Select more timeslots - By selecting this, you’ll be able to select more time slots available.
Select & make recurring - By selecting this, you’ll get a pop-up regarding the recurring sessions. Select recurring days and the Times to repeat from the drop-down menu. Lastly, Check for conflicts and click on the Next button.

Click on the Add to cart or Checkout now button and you’re all done!

To redeem sessions at a later date, check out this article:

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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