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Rubrics Grade Marking

Add a non-numeric grade scale to visualize progress and test a student based on specific attributes. Follow these simple steps mentioned below:

While adding a grade scale, select the Non-numeric option.
While entering grades, create detailed grading criteria to grade students on the same. A rubric grading type that assesses specific components and expectations for a particular grade/subject. For example, a math student could be graded for the following;
Grade - The student has critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical thinking; Weight - 3
Grade - Has to concentrate in class, needs improvement and guidance; Weight - 2
Grade - Very poor, needs extra classes; Weight - 1
Add the Weight of the grade. The higher the weight, the higher the grade will be; the numeric number would be equivalent to each grade. For example, if A+ is the highest grade with 5 as the weight, then the next grades would be A as 4, B as 3, C as 2, D as 1…

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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