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Adding a Grade Scale

It is important for us to be creative with the way we grade our assessments. Good thing is that Classcard empowers you to create your very own brand new grading scales.

To add a grade scale, follow the steps below:

Click Gradebook on the left main menu.
Click on the Grade Scales tab.
Click the Add grade scale button.

Alternatively, while adding an assessment , on selecting the grade scale - the first option would be to create a new grade scale.

Grade scale examples:

Rachel runs a playschool. She likes to keep parents engaged and so she relays progress to every parent. Her feedback typically is whether the child is improving, stagnating, or excelling.

To create such a grade scale, Rachel would use the following inputs:
a. Name: Baby Steps
b. Numeric: No
c. Value (1st row): Excellent (Range Start: 80, Range End: 100)
Value (2nd row): Good (Range Start: 50, Range End: 79)
Value (3rd row): Stagnant (Range Start: 0, Range End: 49)
d. Lowest Acceptable: Stagnant
e. Usage: Marking daily student progress

Donna is a well known private tutor for competitive exams. She grades her students on a percentage scale; 0% being the lowest score and 100% being the highest.

To create such a grade scale, Donna would use the following inputs:
a. Name: Percentage
b. Numeric: Yes
c. Lowest Numeric Value: 0
d. Highest Numeric Value: 100
d. Lowest Acceptable: 35
e. Usage: Marking final scores

Updated on: 01/11/2022

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